These are, in order of decreasing importance: There are exceptions to this categorization. Search for Search on List of busiest railway stations in the Netherlands, List of stations, with their official abbreviations,,,,, The remaining stations, where only local trains (. First introduced in the Rotterdam Metro in April 2005, it has subsequently been rolled out to other areas and travel modes. Photo about Amsterdam, Netherlands - April 2, 2016: Railway station and GVB bus in Amsterdam, Holland. Send. Zaandijk Zaanse Schans railway station, until 2016 Koog-Zaandijk railway station, is a railway station in Koog aan de Zaan and Zaandijk, both neighbourhoods of the municipality of Zaandam, Netherlands. Thanks to the central location within the Netherlands, Utrecht Centraal has grown to become the major rail transport station in the country, with 16 platforms serving the station. In most URLs (see below) they have to be written in lowercase, in some a capital is optional. Measures taken to remedy this include installation of CCTV, locking waiting rooms in the evening, and sometimes removal of benches from station halls. Den Haag Centraal is the largest railway station in the city of The Hague in South Holland, Netherlands, and with twelve tracks, the largest terminal station in the Netherlands. Roma Termini 5. Netherlands Rotterdam Central Railway Station Centraal Station Rotterdam . Find information on railway stations in Gouda as well as 8 railway stations in South Holland, Together with the Belgian HSL 4 it forms the Schiphol–Antwerp high-speed railway. There are currently 401 railway stations in the Netherlands[1] including four which are used only during special events and one which serves the National Railway Museum only. Read everything you need to know about traveling by train in the Netherlands. Three-quarters of the lines have been electrified. Zwolle is the main railway station of Zwolle in Overijssel, Netherlands.The station opened on 6 June 1864 and is on the Utrecht–Kampen railway, also known as the Centraalspoorweg, the Zwolle–Almelo railway, the Arnhem–Leeuwarden railway, the Zwolle–Stadskanaal railway and the Lelystad–Zwolle railway, also known as the Hanzelijn. The official abbreviations of names of stations are used internally by the NS, but also on handwritten tickets; they can also conveniently be used when entering a station in the NS planner and are needed in some URLs, see below. A track along a long platform may have an "a" and a "b"-side, and sometimes three sections "a", "b" and "c". The categories are (in English): Cathedral, Mega, Plus, Basic and Stop.[4]. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion ProRail classifies stations into five categories based upon the facilities available. The main railway station of Dordrecht (Netherlands): Dordrecht Centraal Station. The station was set to open in 2011. Tracks without platform access, used for through traffic, also have a number. Some local trains – despite being called stoptreinen– do not stop at all stations: two examples are the services from Groningen to Roodeschool and from Tiel to Arnhem. Please note that the Dutch Railways have closed the entry gates to many Dutch stations. In a station it can be found in the lower right corner of the yellow departure schedules. Many train stations have automatic luggage lockers (Bagagekluizen) on one platform, operated using a credit card. Rail services at the station are provided by NS, the principal railway operator in the Netherlands. There are as many train stations as there are municipalities in the Netherlands. The night trains to Warsaw, Zurich, Prague and Copenhagen also stop here. It was designed as a nationwide scheme but is being phased out and replaced by the OV-chipkaart. It was opened on 14 May 1845 and is located on the Amsterdam–Arnhem railway, the Arnhem–Leeuwarden railway and the Arnhem–Nijmegen railway. This page allows you to view the departure times of all trains in the Netherlands in real-time. Tourist information offices. It is situated on the Breda–Rotterdam railway, the Roosendaal–Breda railway and the Breda–Eindhoven railway. Best deal! Search. Rotterdam Central Railway Station / Rotterdam Centraal Station Rotterdam . Currently only eight stations are designated Centraal. The station building itself is a rijksmonument. Can you name the Dutch railway stations starting with 'B'? The station opened at September 20, 1839, on the Amsterdam–Rotterdam railway, the first railway line in the Netherlands. Elevators, escalators and access for disabled passengers. In both cases one can choose a dated or undated ticket; the latter can be useful if one has not decided yet about the travel date. Around 40,000 passengers use Arnhem station every day. The station was completed in 1973, adjacent to its predecessor: station Den Haag Staatsspoor, which was subsequently demolished. You do too, right?' Amsterdam stations – It’s not only Amsterdam Central – there are actually 11 Amsterdam stations in total, some of which are handy for visitors. The station opened on 1 Jan 1905 and is located on the Harlingen–Nieuweschans railway between Groningen and Nieuweschans. It fully replaced the national strippenkaart system for buses, trams, and metro trains in 2011, and the paper ticket system for rail travel in July 2014. Weesp is a railway station in Weesp, Netherlands. Domestic in The Netherlands See real-time departures for all railway stations in the Netherlands. The majority are operated by NS ( Nederlandse Spoorwegen), the Dutch national railway company. Close. Zoomable map of all tracks and stations, updated for 2009: railway map with all stations: search for, maps of station surroundings and station lay-out of some stations: select Nederland - Reisinformatie - Stationsvoorzieningen. The Netherlands' railway stations are extemely well developed with excellent facilities: Lockers for storing your stuff. There was one departure per day in the direction of Leeuwarden and two departures per day in the direction of Groningen. List of stations, with their official abbreviations, List of busiest railway stations in the Netherlands,,,,,, Railway stations in the Netherlands by province, Lists of buildings and structures in the Netherlands, Lists of railway stations in the Netherlands, Articles with Dutch-language sources (nl), Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The remaining stations, where only local trains (. Track numbers are usually increasing in the direction away from the centre of the city and hence away from the main entrance(s) of the station. So it … Register your journey Not the platforms, but the tracks are numbered. For checking in and out with an OV-chipkaart card readers are at station entrances, halls and/or platforms. Quiz by Daan_Jellyfish Test your knowledge on this geography quiz and compare your score to others.

railway stations in netherlands

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