Punched the demon-possessed Daredevil through a brick wall. Moon Knight doesn't just rely on his lunar powers in combat. He employs a variety of weapons over the course of his career, including throwing darts, nunchaku, bō staff and a truncheon. He offers the explanation that either Khonshu is real and his presence interferes with the Profile's abilities or Marc is so crazy that it is tantamount to magic and his sheer belief in Khonshu is enough to disrupt the Profile. The attack left Silverman in critical condition, which caused Frenchie and Moon Knight to again join forces and attack the gang who attacked them. A new Moon Knight series was launched by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev in 2011. [23], Born in Chicago, Illinois, Marc Spector is a Jewish-American rabbi's wayward son. He along with many other heroes became a flesh-eating zombie after a zombified Sentry appeared and caused the Zombie Plague. As an adult, Spector had been a heavyweight boxer before becoming a U.S. Marine serving in Force Recon, afterward, he left the Marines to become a mercenary occasionally doing work for the CIA. The new series, written by Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood (returning from his run with Brian Wood), debuted in April 2016 and saw Marc Spector waking up in a mental institution, told that his life as Moon Knight was a hallucination. Powers and abilities [92] Moon Knight and Buck retaliate and attack her. In 1985, Marvel followed up the series with Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu by Alan Zelenetz and Chris Warner, a six issue mini-series that established Moon Knight as suffering from schizophrenia due to the stress of his various aliases. The series was canceled with #60 (March 1994), with four of the last six issues drawn by Stephen Platt, who was hired by Image Comics based on the strength of his work on the series. Moon Knight has some supporting characters in his different comics: While Moon Knight has several reoccurring villains of other heroes such as Bullseye and Taskmaster, he has also accumulated his own rogues gallery of villains that rarely appear outside of his own self-titled books. [68], Moon Knight is next seen battling Bullseye on the streets of NYC. His introduction to the Marvel universe could mean some trouble for your favorite heroes as well as having excellent martial arts abilities alongside increased strength. Later on, as Moon Knight, he intercepts a delivery of an Ultron robot body. [25], In the character's first appearance, the criminal organization the Committee supplies Marc Spector with the name Moon Knight, his costume and weapons (using silver) to hunt down Jack Russell. [133] During the battle, he is impaled by the assassin Elektra. He can be seen holding a staff that has a crescent moon at the top. Frank Castle's reasoning was that he knew Moon Knight would find himself somehow involved with the very cartel Frank had been pursuing; however, the Toltec god's avatar made quick work of the cartel. [143], During the "Infinity Wars" storyline, Peter Spector (Moon Knight's story with elements of Spider-Man's life) was attacked by Goblin by Night, who killed his Uncle Ben and aunt May. Throughout the character's existence Moon Knight has been depicted as everything from a victim of Multiple-Personality Disorder to delusions and hallucinations. He eventually leads Bullseye to a bunker/warehouse where he has planted several explosives. It is also revealed that the Marc Spector persona has "died" and that Jake Lockley is now in control. [119] He has also been depicted using spiked knuckles. [128] He is attacked by 'Deadites', reanimated versions of many of the dead humans, which seemingly tear Moon Knight apart[129] (he presumably escapes, as he is seen in the first issue of the regular Marvel Zombies series, which is set after Army of Darkness). As he lay dying, Spector was approached by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who offered him a second chance at life in exchange for becoming his avatar on Earth. As the so-called 'Fist of Khonshu,' Moon Knight possesses super strength that waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon, with the full moon granting him the greatest strength. [21] Issue 200 had several artists from Moon Knight's run contributing art. He later retires these items to his personal museum after abandoning the "Egyptian" motif in favor of updated versions of his original styled-gear, including a truncheon/staff/nunchuck combo, and a compound bow.[118]. The psychiatrist not only approves his application but bows to worship him as well. 'Shadow Walk:' Spector could become practically invisible in a shadowed area large enough to cov… Marc carries an arsenal of special weapons related to Khonshu. Afterewards, Marlene tended to his injuries.[105]. Moon Knight appears as an unlockable playable character in the, Moon Knight appears as an unlockable playable character in, Moon Knight appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 08:40. A growing Khonshu screams for vengeance, yet Moon Knight manages to defy him and spare Bushman's life. He escapes after the plan collapses because they authorized a mugging of Frenchie too soon. [53], Moon Knight eventually upgrades his armor to adamantium armor rather than his original Kevlar costume. Moon Knight is expected to debut sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. Can take several beatings from armed opponents and keep fighting. The series was relaunched as part of the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" initiative. [49] He then encountered Silver Sable and her allies Sandman and Paladin. [61] Captain America pays him a visit to deliver a warning and they quarrel. The second persona is Mr. Knight, dressed in an all-white business suit, gloves, and mask, who consults with the New York Police Department and deals with common thugs and crimes such as kidnapping. [102], After re-appropriating Khonshu, Marc Spector resumed his normal life and his Moon Knight alias despite breaking up with Marlene Alrune. He defeats Bushman and returns to America with Marlene, Frenchie, and the statue of Khonshu. Spector is a superb driver and can pilot a helicopter. Moon Knight is a superhero in the Marvel Universe amd is the human avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu. Moon Knight himself is angered by this decision, but is seemingly destroyed by the Ronin personality. Managed to get atop the roof of a nearby building in the time it took for a man to pull out a gun. Can kick with enough force to knock a door flying off its hinges or create a hole in a brick wall. Charlie Huston, writer of the 2006 re-launch of Moon Knight, attempted to answer the criticism that Moon Knight is an ersatz Batman in an interview with Comixfan. Moon Knight is given psychedelic drugs and eventually is forced to face off with Sun King. Marc is at the height of his power when the moon is full. Dodged a miniature airplane armed with drills. [96] He is last seen at Stark Tower as one of the many former Avengers celebrating the return of Janet van Dyne. Spector awakens, wraps himself in the silver shroud that covers Khonshu's statue, and again confronts Bushman. He faced off against Shang-Chi in the Tournament of the Thirteen Chambers and was defeated. Moon Knight beats the club leader Snapdragon, but gets shot by a guard before getting answers. Although gravely wounded, Moon Knight subdues Elektra with a moon-blade to Elektra's head before slipping into a coma. [34], Iron Man also investigates Moon Knight's activities by placing him under close surveillance. Nefaria, however, survives and sends his daughter, Madame Masque to retrieve the Ultron head, who succeeds. [84], In this series, Spector is shown in Los Angeles as the creator of a TV show based on his origin and superheroics dubbed "Legends of the Khonshu". [121], For transportation, Moon Knight employs a variety of sophisticated aircraft. The title of the story was mistakenly given as "High Strangers" on the covers of the mini-series. It is also revealed that Frenchie is homosexual and in love with Marc Spector; which is why he stuck around for so long. Later that day two press conferences are held: one by Norman Osborn to announce the Thunderbolts' success and Moon Knight's death and the other held by Tony Stark who denounces the methods used by the Thunderbolts. [58], In 2001 and 2002, Moon Knight joins the "Marvel Knights" non-team to capture the Punisher. Capable of easily bench-pressing 450 lbs. [136] He survives, however, and after regaining consciousness goes to the police claiming that the Kingpin ordered his execution. 3. Kingpin. He is a superhero who draws his powers from the moon and battles crime as a street-level hero akin to Batman, but also being possessed of an even more pronounced lack of mental stability. Shadow Knight then attacks Spector's house and almost kills Marlene, who earlier revealed she was pregnant. Moon Knight seemingly severs his ties to the Avengers by burning his membership ID card after being brought in by Thor to answer charges in regard to his illegal actions against Doctor Doom. Although his body is broken after a tremendous fall and both knees shattered, Moon Knight finally defeats his nemesis Bushman by carving off his face with a crescent moon dart. [volume & issue needed], This volume introduces Moon Knight's teenage sidekick Jeff Wilde, also known as "Midnight", the son of Midnight Man, a member of Moon Knight's rogues gallery. Moon Knight's enemies include: The one-shot 2099: Manifest Destiny (March 1998) introduced a female Marvel 2099 version of Moon Knight, fighting crime in the lunar city of Attilan. He is skilled with most weapons and an expert with throwing weapons. In doing so, they create a far more ruthless personality who the Kingpin would find suitable. Spector is then haunted by a spiritual apparition of Khonshu, who chose a faceless Bushman as his ethereal representation. Moon Knight's strength, endurance, and reflexes are enhanced depending upon the phases of the moon. He is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast and excels as a combat strategist. Bullseye narrowly escapes as Moon Knight ignites the explosives. "Bruce Wayne", he said, "fights crime to avenge the murders of his parents", whereas Moon Knight "beats up whoever has it coming because he believes he is the avatar of the Egyptian god of vengeance and it helps him to feel better about all the people he killed when he was a mercenary". [91] Moon Knight proceeds to violently attack Nefaria who gets beaten up badly. There, he worked with several people who would later interact with Moon Knight, including William Cross, Amos Lardner, and his own brother, Randall Spector. 1 Description 2 List of Champions with Lunar Phases 3 References 4 Navigation Lunar Phases allows Moon Knight's abilities to change depending on the moon's phases.32 Waning Crescent: As the Moon wanes, there's a chance to gain Fury. Moon Knight then locks his armor and secures himself to a large plate and Valkyrie's winged horse Aragorn, so she can fly them away. The new Secret Committee then hires The Profile, an amoral character who can analyze a persona past and future habits with a glance, to help them entrap Moon Knight. Abilities/Gadgets. Spector consults his accountant on the matter, who tells him that acquiring that much cash on such short notice is simply impossible. 1 year ago. Soon after, the Committee contracted Taskmaster to kill Moon Knight. [16] The 2006 series ended with #30 (July 2009), and only one Annual in the series was printed in 2008. With his fortune he could not only support his new career of fighting crime, he could create another persona: Steven Grant, financier. shows up. The Profile told Taskmaster that Moon Knight would be friendless, alone, with no fight left in him and ready to die. He steals some Stark nanotechnology and plans to unleash it on the city. 'Astral Vision:' Spector could see magical beings that ordinary humans could not. [87] After a fight with the Night Shift sent by Snapdragon, Moon Knight and Echo formally team up against the Kingpin. Randall killed Marc's girlfriend Lisa with a hatchet to keep her from exposing a gun-running scheme; Spector retaliated with a grenade and assumed Randall was dead. Taskmaster, who has the ability to copy and replicate anyone's fighting style, has stated that he prefers not to copy Moon Knight's style, as Moon Knight would rather take a punch than block it.[111]. In the question of his sanity, Spider-Man remarked "Mooney. Together they come up with a plot to kill Moon Knight. Lifted and hurled a fully grown jaguar, which is estim… Two one-shots, Marc Spector: Moon Knight Special Edition #1 and Moon Knight: Divided We Fall, were published during the run of the title. 'Moon's Might:' At night, Spector's speed, strength, agility, reaction time, leaping ability, reflexes, senses and duribility increased as the moon waxed, and decreased as the moon waned. Huston further notes that Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter ego, takes on other personalities merely to aid in his fight. Moon Knight’s abilities, such as increased strength and speed, are dependent upon the lunar cycles. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the ensuing battle, Moon Knight is beaten, and Nefaria orders him to return the Ultron head, and work for him. Moon Knight appears in House of M as part of Luke Cage's Sapien Resistance against Earth's rulers, the House of Magnus (Magneto and his children, Quicksilver, Polaris, and the Scarlet Witch), although he is not wearing his costume in this timeline. Whereas Spector worked for the money, Bushman seemed to enjoy plunder and killing. Nefaria angrily attacks the police station and is about to kill Snapdragon, but Moon Knight intervenes again. [103] To accomplish the plans to kill Moon Knight, Bushman and Sun King went to Marlene's house and discovered that she and Jack Lockley's aspect of Moon Knight had a child together, much to the shock of Marc Spector and Steve Grant. Broke a steel staff in half over his knee with little effort. Moon Knight then uses the Sapphire Crescent to kill his own brother before he could kill any more hostages. The next morning, he enlisted in the Marines, and he never saw his father again. Beat down several police officers before they could fire their guns. The extent to which these abilities vary depends on the phases of the moon. [62] The Punisher and Moon Knight have a lengthy conversation about the nature of their vigilantism and their shared past. [25] The fuller the moon, the more strength Moon Knight derives from it; even during a new moon, he can lift several hundred pounds. Moon Knight appeared in Marvel Fanfare for two issues (#30 and #38) and in the pages of West Coast Avengers (#21–41 and Annuals #1–3), with the character written by Steve Englehart. Moon Knight is one of those strange characters like Wolverine, who claims he likes to be a loner but somehow ends up on… [93] Meanwhile, the police have Snapdragon testify against Nefaria, and get a warrant for his arrest. During the skirmish on the deck, Moon Knight is able to secure the hostages, without killing any terrorists. Secondary: Crescent Dart - Throw cestus at Target dealing 125% damage and causing BLEED for 1-2 turns. Spector was born in the US. Daredevil, who has been possessed by The Hand, hires Profile to take down Moon Knight. With the arrival of John Byrne onto the title, Moon Knight was written out of the West Coast Avengers and after a guest spot in Punisher Annual #2 (part of the "Atlantis Attacks" storyline), the character was given a new ongoing title in 1989, Marc Spector: Moon Knight. Comics. However, later on, Marc meets the Profile with their dialogue suggesting that the personalities above were just an act to be approved for registration. Slammed a man into a stone wall with enough force to crack it. Defeated Shadow Knight, who is another host of Khonshu. Jake's personality has been one of struggle against the inner demon trying to get him to kill while juggling sobriety. It was the superhero Echo who saved him, but she lost her cover in the process. During the events of "Dark Reign," Moon Knight vows never to murder again, and hires Tinkerer to upgrade his gear. Intent on looting the dig, Bushman kills Dr. Alraune. Currently, Spector has no superhuman powers, but, as the Fist of Khonshu, he had these powers. Ripped a car door off its hinges and punched the driver inside with enough force to slam them through the other door. The psychiatrist controlling the exam, along with the government and Tony Stark, has no intention of granting Marc Spector approval for registration. Spector's father, a rabbi, managed to escape Germany when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. During the Civil War, managed to escape SHIELD's custody, evaded capture from Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts, and faked his own death. Magazine #11–15, #17–18, and #20, which saw the character first drawn with artist Bill Sienkiewicz on issues #13–15, 17–18, and #20 as well as a black and white story in the magazine publication Marvel Preview #21. In the comics, Marc Spector is a former boxer, Marine, CIA operative, and mercenary, who found himself near death after being betrayed by his employer, Raoul Bushman, when they stumbled upon an archaeological dig, which Bushman intended to loot for profit. It is also noted that he has a form of dissociative identity disorder. Defeated and captured Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night, and later freed him to take down the Committee. [142] She is killed by Nightcrawler, who teleports her into a spiked pit trap. [94], During the events of the "Avengers vs. X-Men" storyline, Moon Knight is partnered with Falcon and She-Hulk as part of a small team of Avengers assigned to watch over the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. ", "A New Moon Knight Rises | News | Marvel.com", "It's 'differently abled' now: Review of Moon Knight #188–193", "Ty Templeton Digital Comics – Marvel Comics", "Moon Knight (2017–2018) #200 – Marvel Comics", "MOON KNIGHT #1 awakes to All-New, All-Different reality in 2016", "Charlie Huston: Shining Light on Moon Knight", Moon Knight #7 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 1: The Woodwork, Moon Knight #9 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 3: For The Occasion, Moon Knight #6 – The Bottom, Chapter 6: Glories Such As These, Moon Knight #12 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 6: This Trap, My Body, Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1 – Night of the Jackal", Marc Spector: Moon Knight #38 – Blood Brothers, Part Four: The Avatar of Khonshu", "Moon Knight Voice – Marvel Universe franchise", "Marvel's Kevin Feige Breaks Silence on Scorsese Attack: "It's Unfortunate" (Exclusive)", "Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball – Vengeance and Virtue", "Review: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue", "Marvel Avengers Alliance Chapter 9 Heroic Battles: Tips And Guide To Completing All Fights [VIDEO]", NYCC 2013 Marvel adds more characters to Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game, "Lego Marvel's Avengers is loaded with superheroes, villians [, "Moon Knight Joins Marvel Future Fight! [120] Additionally, Moon Knight can 'suit up' by use of a remote control device which assembles the individual pieces of this armor onto his body, similar in fashion to Iron Man. He is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast and excels as a combat strategist. However, Moon Knight has three alter egos which aid him as much in dealing with personal demons as fighting law-breakers, and which have taken a further psychological toll of causing dissociative identity disorder. Sienkiewicz's Neal Adams-influenced art style helped cement the early perception of Moon Knight as a mere Batman clone. Knonshu appears and turns the mutants into werewolves, who then turn on their allies back at base. [130], In the pages of Old Man Logan, a flashback was seen where Moon Knight assisted Daredevil and She-Hulk in fighting Enchantress and Electro in Manhattan. Spector agreed, although he later considered this encounter a hallucination. Frenchie agrees to help Spector, and Ray joins the reformed team as well. Unfazed from taking several punches to the face, getting shot, getting stabbed with knives, shot with a crossbow bolt, and getting tased. Braced the door frame of a collapsing building to allow Spider-Man and those inside to escape. Madame Masque is about to beat Moon Knight, but just then he develops an Echo personality, who tells him to not let her die in vain. [volume & issue needed] Moreover, it is also suggested that the original inspiration for the moon god Khonshu was the Watcher Uatu who watches the Earth from his base on the moon. During the "Secret Wars" storyline, different versions of Moon Knight reside in the different Battleworld domains: In the Extraordinary X-Men Apocalypse Wars crossover, a female version of Moon Knight is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He, Franchie, and Alraune (now his lover) moved to New York, taking the idol along. For instance, the Bushman once kidnaps Marlene Alraune and a minion delivers a $10 million ransom demand to be delivered in a week's time lest he kills her. [126], In the Infinity War crossover, the alien double of Moon Knight uses Franklin Richards' powers to become the multi-dimensional Moon Shade. The introduction of Moon Knight brings a level of inclusivity for mental health conditions, as the character himself suffers from multiple personality disorder and alter egos. After the battle, Daredevil invites Moon Knight to join an organization of superheroes with the goal of bringing down the Kingpin. Khonshu suggest to Moon Knight that maybe Sun King only believes he is the avatar of Ra and if Marc Spector is truly the avatar of Khonshu, he should be able to manifest powers. [95] During the ensuing skirmish initiated by Frenzy, Moon Knight tricks Gambit into damaging his armor, allowing Moon Knight to grab Rogue with his bare hand and drive her insane with his multiple personalities.

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