A member of the morning glory family (Convolvulaceae). Convolvulus Care: As an evergreen shrub it is best to prune in middle to late spring or once flowering has completed (depending on the time the specific species bloom. 9 members have or want this plant for trade. Care and Maintenance; James H. Schutte . But I moved them to full sun and they were Great the next year. CONVOLVULUS BLUE 75mm Pot. On Jun 20, 2008, straea from Somerville, MA (Zone 6b) wrote: One person's "spindly" is another's "trailing". Suggested uses. Etymology. Convolvulus mauritanicus - ground morning gloryAPPEARANCE: Trailing ground cover, perennial with lavender flowers spring to autumn. Grow in gritty, well-drained soil in a sheltered spot in full sun. Ideal for hanging baskets or as spreading, ground cover. Botanical Name. Convolvulus cneorum. Convolvulus Blue (Convolvulus sabatius) is a super vigorous, non invasive, easy to grow ground cover that covers those difficult to maintain places. The material presented on this website, may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of CTC Productions. CONVOLVULUS tricolor 'Blue Enchantment' Overview; Images; Care and Maintenance; Planting. Care: Convolvulus likes a sunny position and well-drained, coarse soil. Convolvulus tricolor is a ANNUAL/PERENNIAL growing to 0.3 m (1ft) by 0.2 m (0ft 8in) at a medium rate. Firm lightly and keep moist. Convolvulus mauritanicus is readily available at nurseries. On Aug 6, 2001, Cine from Lufkin, TX wrote: Bush flowering, drought-tolerant, morning glory-like flowers. On this page you will find: Where to buy Convolvulus plants & price comparison. I put it in a spot where I had morning glories last yr. so I thought they'd grow good there-WRONG!!! On Aug 15, 2005, SeattleSun from Seattle, WA wrote: I plant this along my walkway every year and it's stunning. On Jul 26, 2004, Emaewest from Timberlea, NS (Zone 6a) wrote: These cheerful little flowers open in the morning and stay bright all day. General Description. The hardy perennials are usually propagated by dividing the roots, otherwise by cuttings or seeds, the tender species preferably by cuttings. 5 more photos VIEW GALLERY. I like the trailing nature of these plants and in the past have grown them well in pots, where they can wander around under bushier, more robust plants and hang off the edge with their pretty blooms. On Aug 7, 2003, Ladyfern from Jeffersonville, IN (Zone 6a) wrote: The flowers are darling, but the plants themselves are spindly and floppy. Its evergreen foliage is covered in silky silver-grey hairs, and the flowers start as pink buds which open into 2.5cm trumpets, with blush white petals marked with a central pink stripe. Plant singly as a contrast in mixed beds or en-mass as a border, or as a ground cover on embankments or in streetscapes. Native to the Mediterranean region, Convolvulus sabatius (Bindweed or Ground Morning Glory) is a luscious, trailing, woody-based perennial noted for its endless production of widely funnel-shaped, lavender-blue flowers, 1-2 in. Establishes quickly and won't take over the garden.USE IN: Cottage style gardens, rockeries and hanging baskets.LOCATION: Plant in full sun to maximise flowering. One of the most popular cultivars in this species is 'Blue Ensign'. Low maintenance, dry tolerant and easy to grow. In addition to the flower bed, use the plant in containers or window boxes. cupanianus – Upper portion of sepals obtuse to acute, shorter than or equalling the basal portion: 90. Variety or Cultivar 'Blue Flash' _ 'Blue Flash' is a bushy, upright then spreading annual or deciduous, short-lived perennial with ovate to lance-shaped, dark green leaves and, in summer, large, funnel-shaped, deep violet-blue flowers, marked yellow and white at the throats. The specific epithet tricolor means 'of three colours' and refers to the blue, white and yellow flowers. Water in dry spells. Common name(s): Dwarf Morning Glory, Tricolour Convolvulus Synonyme(s): N/A Family: Convolvulaceae Origin: the wild type is native to Europe and Northern Africa. On Jan 25, 2003, lupinelover from Grove City, OH (Zone 6a) wrote: A wonderful plant for full sun; sadly, it does not withstand any foot traffic. It is propagated by seeds, which should be sown on the flower-borders in the spring, where the plants are to remain: they require no other care than to be thinned and weeded. On Jan 6, 2005, rh3708 from Westmoreland, TN (Zone 7a) wrote: The first year i grew this plant it didn't do well for me i had it in the shade. View gallery. Convolvulus tricolor 'Blue Ensign' (Dwarf morning glory 'Blue Ensign') will reach a height of 0.5m and a spread of 0.5m after 1-2 years. By mid July started to have a few blooms, then they really went to town. They also differ from the climbing sorts in that each flower is usually of three colors: The main part is either blue, pink, or purple; the center is yellow, and there is a band of white between the center and the expanded part. hanging baskets This is my second Christmas with my poinsettia, which ... read more, They look to prefer evergreens. In summer Convolvulus tricolor bears tri-coloured flowers, with yellow or gold throats surrounded by a flared white ring and then a brilliant blue red or white trumpet. Dwarf Morning Glory. Grown for its summer-long display of deep blue, funnel-shaped flowers, 'Blue Enchantment' is a selection of Convolvulus tricolor, a low, mounding, short-lived perennial from the Mediterranean Basin. In natural environments, such as riparian zones, field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) competes with and displaces native bindweeds and other native plants.

convolvulus tricolor care

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