Professional wrestling throws are the application of professional wrestling techniques that involve lifting the opponent up and throwing or slamming them down. After John Cena, Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar convened in the ring on Raw to make their Triple Threat Match official for Royal Rumble, things broke down as The Architect lunged at the Cenation leader with the Money in the Bank briefcase. by JonathanLorenz. _premium Browse GIFs Popular Create a GIF Extras Pictures to GIF YouTube to GIF Facebook to GIF Video to ... John Cena gives The Rock an Attitude Adjustment at WrestleMania 28: Slow Mo Replay. Clotheslime 5hp/4ag (non scubisci danni AG nel prossimo turno)..John Cena 9/9 [1/3sub 1/3pin 1/2face] [Si Ap - No Fin].Cody Rhodes 29/19.5 [3/3sub RAW 22nd of March 2010. added by xxshannen1xx. 506. When you have to "Go" ku some times, but you have to "Stop" ku. Make a meme Make a gif Make a chart Book Accurate Manny. They are sometimes also called "power" maneuvers, as they are meant to emphasize a wrestler's strength. share. You can find memes for just about everything, including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). "Brass Ring" ... after one of them wins the WWE Championship. 1,928 views, 4 upvotes, 2 comments. Known to WWE fans as Cena’s “Attitude Adjustment” move. share. At WWE SummerSlam, ... and handing over the United States Championship to The Authority. What it means to wrestling fans: Attitude Adjustment. Archived. Just upload your own video or paste in a URL and click create a gif. Open & share this animated gif wwe, gore, wrestling, with everyone you know. For WWE 2K18 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you do tag moves in the ring? #john cena #jon stewart #wwe #wwe raw #monday night raw #sports #entertainment #gif #attitude adjustment #nowthis #news More you might like After the news broke that Pres. I thought this was going to be the gif where this woman flips him off. WWE WrestleMania 29 is in the books with John Cena beating The Rock to win the WWE Championship and former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar falling to … A virally transmitted symbol or idea, the meme connects people through an image or gif with text and is a way for us to stay in touch with current cultural events. At that time, it was impossible to tell (a) if Cena was just joking or (b) where in the sequence of diving shoulderblock, sitout hip toss, side-release spinout powerbomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment this … by JonathanLorenz. Royalty free john cena images, stock photos & vectors | shutterstock. This includes WWE, WCW, ECW, NXT and whatnot. The GIF dimensions 320 x 240px was uploaded by anonymous user. ". Many of these moves are used as finishers by many wrestlers. John Cena gives Attitude Adjustment to Edge sending him to fans. When you have to "Go" ku some times, but you have to "Stop" ku. Kane … Photo: 131: WWE RAW - Jan 13, 2014 Damien Sandow; John Cena; gif; WWE; RAW; Foreign Object Maybe this will finally put Cena away Share; Tweet; Reblog; Share on Pinterest; Comment; Copy [url][img] Posted in: My brief and uninsightful recap: Vol. If you hit the "F5" Button then Brock Lensar would F5 … It’s the move that signifies their persona on television. Wwe hd wallpapers, free wallpaper downloads, wwe hd. Punk hoists his opponent on his shoulders similar to John Cena's Attitude Adjustment, then shrugs them off so the opponent's face can meet Punk's knee as they fall towards the map. Tap to play or pause GIF ... What it normally means: Alcoholics Anonymous. 378. gif. John Cena and Randy Orton squared off in the main event of WWE Raw from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Watch and create more animated gifs like WWE RAW 28/3/11MIZ FRENTE THE ROCK & JHON CENA Attitude Adjustment THE ROCK EN ESPAÑOL at added by eve44tores. Share it. If you hit the "F5" Button then Brock Lensar would F5 your computer. Posted by. 1,737 views, 3 upvotes, 2 comments. Bullet Club. share. John Cena gives Attitude Adjustment to Edge sending him to fans. Make a meme Make a gif Make a chart Book Accurate Manny. 2 years ago. GIF it. RKO Every WWE superstar has a finisher. r/WWE: A subreddit for fans of World Wrestling Entertainment. Then, in the style of Kevin Federline, Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment and left … Lol. 4. If a WWE contract signing is set to take place, expect a lot of black and blue — and we ain’t talking about the ink. reminder that big match john just tryin to ding-dong diddly make it to wrestlemania bros was 10/10 k... - "/asp/ - Alternative Sports & Wrestling" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of alternative and extreme sports such as wrestling and paintball. A lesson we apparently didn’t learn from WCW’s World War 3 battle royals is that more =/= better. The move was so popular that when Hideo Itami, the creator of the move, finally used the move down in NXT fans lost their minds!
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